Adventure: Rouge and Run (Beauty Breakdown-Tina)

Hello lovelies!

This will be the portion of my blog where I will have a product/beauty breakdown of all the makeovers conducted by yours truly. Rouge and Run came about as a reference to the saying "Hit and Run". In this case, cosmetic information will be dispersed directly and to the point (Hit) then, moving on to the next subject or makeover breakdown (Run). Hence, Rouge and Run! hahaha!

First brave soul up for the Rouge and Run sweet niece, Tina!

This girl is such a sport! After a late night of gossip and giggles with the girls, she was up early the next morning (or a few hours from the night before, depending how you look at it) and ready to be dolled up by her auntie Nancy. What started off as a simple before and after pictorial ended up being a full blown photo shoot with wardrobe changes, then toss in auntie's accessories and hair! haha! How fun was that! Tina, thank you so much for coming up and spending time with us. It was a blast and I can't wait to see you soon! *muah*

First Look

* Tarte Clean Slate (face primer)
* Nvey Eco Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation (511)
* Coastal Scents Camo Quad concealer (medium)
* Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish (with real crushed diamonds! ooh la la!)

* Earth's Beauty Moonstone (eyeshadow)
* Earth's Beauty Lava Rock (eyeshadow)
* Nvey Eco cake eyeliner and brow (black)
* Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System (eyeshadow - black)
* Physician's formula Organic wear mascara (ultra black)

* Sephora Collection Dinner in Paris (blush)

* Zosimos Cascade (lipgloss)

Second Look


* NYX pigment Nymph on lids (chrome eyeshadow)
* Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System on crease (eyeshadow - black)

*Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Vivid)

Third Look

* Earth's Beauty Sage (lids)
* Sephora Tango in Buenos Aires (dark blue/crease)
* Sephora Tango in Buenos Aires (sage & lime green/bottom lashes)
* Uban Decay glide on eye pencil (white)
* Earth's Beauty Moonstone (eyeshadow/highlight)
* Elegant Lashes # 503 Black

* Organic wear 100% natural origin 2-in-1 Bronzer and Blush (Soft Ginger)

* Zosimos Copper Canyon (lip gloss)

That's all for now. YAY!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon for another bloggy-sode of Rouge and Run! ; )



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