How To's: How to find your signature red

I love color!

Sure, I love black (Lord knows the amount of black clothing "staples" I have in my closet) but, they would only serve as a template to showcase the amount of accessories I have in color. ;)

Even in the Winter where everything can be dull and grey, I always manage to add a pop of color with what I'm wearing. Wether it be a chunky, colorful scarf or a sparkly, colorful wristlet.

One of the ways to beat the "winter blues" is to introduce color into your wardrobe. By adding a  colorful pin to your coat, attaching a colorful floral scarf to your satchel, or a bold red lip, color will instantly elevate your style factor. 

One of my favorite colors to sport (aside from yellow and orange) is the color red. But finding the right hue to compliment your skin tone can be tricky. Here's a simple way to determine your skin tone within seconds. Once you've learned the basics of color and tone, you'll be able to shop for clothes, makeup, accessories, and just about anything like a pro!

There are several ways and observations you can do to help determine what your skin tone is. Here's a very easy way to find out.

**Turn your arm over and pay attention to the color of your veins. Veins that appear greenish would mean that you have yellow undertones which means that you have a warm skin tone. Veins that appear to be more blue would mean that you have blue undertones which means that you have a cool skin tone. 

In general, warm skin tones will look best in earth tones such the different variations of browns, yellows, oranges and cream. Cool skin tone individuals look great in jewel-toned shades of blues, reds, and purples.

Now that you know this trick, you can have a better time assessing wether you'll look good in a blue-based red or a yellow based red. Once you know the basics, you can play around with colors and not be bound by "the rules" of color and tone. Now, you can just have fun!

Hope this helps you be BOLD with your shopping adventures!

Now everyone, flip your arms over! haha! 

I love glitter polish!
This one is from Priti NYC :)

Notice the greenish vein color?
This would indicate that I would look best with warm colors.

Laugh, Love, Live In Color! 


Barb said...

Thanks for the tip, I tend to "like" the warm red but they don't look good on me, now I get why.

Nancy Del Carmen-Cox said...

Anytime Barb. :)
I'm glad you found this very simple yet effective technique helpful.
Have fun finding your signature red!

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