Product Review: Crystal Essence/Lavanilla Laboratories Deodorant

Stop living in a funk! Stand up and take action!

Did you know that all natural deodorants are aluminum-free and do not have antiperspirant ingredients? The best, however, contain odor-fighting ingredients to neutralize odors. The produts I've chosen to try out are two different scents of Crystal Essence deodorant and one Lavanilla Laboratories deodorant.

Growing up in the Phillipines, I was more familiar with this crystal stick referred to as "tawas". This came in a couple of forms. The ever popular stick crystal which is the most common form we used or the crystal stick crushed into fine powder. It's odorless but absorbs the odor from your underarms. Kinda like baking soda version for your pits! haha! Little did I know that this product not only helped with keeping your underarms smelling fresh all day, but it's an all natural product which means no toxic chemicals. Sweet!

Picture above from left to right
Crystal Essence Lavender & White Tea — Merges the natural anti-inflammatory gifts of lavender with the relaxing benefits of White Tea.
It's a roll on dispenser.The product itself comes out wet and slick, but dries quickly. So if you feel squeamish about wet slickness making contact with skin - not to worry! It only lasts for a few seconds. I am a big Lavender fan so, I immediately loved this scent. After work,I took my deodorized pits to a strenous Zumba workout and found that even after the class, my "funk" stayed on the dancefloor and not my pits! Oh yeah, I'm buying more of these babies once they run out.
LaVanilla Deodorant (Vanilla Lavender) - typical stick deodorant texture akin to "Secret" but without the toxic chemicals.
Like I said earlier, I am a big fan of Lavender and an even BIGGER fan of LaVanilla products. I was really excited to try thier deodorant. Sad to say that this product lost it's deodorizing strength after just five hours! Man, I was bummed out because I really wanted to like this product. Basically, If I wear this product, I would have to take it with me to reapply at least twice a day. Who has time for that? Sorry LaVanilla deodorant, this particular product "stunk".

Crystal Essence Pomegranate — The naturally occurring anti-oxidants in Pomegranate help regenerate the skin.Another roll on dispenser. The scent is a little overbearing for me. It has that heavy "rose" scent that some people enjoy but I don't much care for it. If you like heavy rose or berry scented products, this one is for you. The deodorizing strenght is up to par and the packaging for both Crystal Essence deodorants I reviewed were straight forward with easy to read labels and appealing designs in front of the dispenser.

So there you have it! My take on three specific natural deodorants which would hopefully, help you make better choices out in the marketplace once you decide to purchase one. Thank you lovelies for reading this post and I'll smell, I mean, I'll see ya later! haha!

Love, Peace and sweet smellin' arm pits,


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