Product Review: Vapour cosmetics

What is applied on your skin is absorbed into your body. I've recently discovered that you don't neccessarily have to eat, drink or breathe your way into toxicity - you can slather, shampoo, and beautify yourself with it too. This is why I've been looking forward to try this fairly new organic company called Vapour Organic Beauty. Spearheaded and co-owned by Eric Sakas, the one time President and Creative Director of Kevin Aucoin's Beauty brand. Need I say more? Exactly!

Eric Sakas was able to condense his passion for health and beauty into these sparkly, ocean-blue tubes of cream-based makeup which when applied showed an improved version of your skin. I looked like I wasn't wearing any make-up! I have to admit, because it was cream-based, I was worried of how my highly sensitive, acneic skin would take it. Even more worried that by the end of the day, I would look like a greasy frying pan.
Breakfast anyone?

So I bit the bullet and tried all products for a whole week. Because I have oily skin, I had to dust my face with a little bit of powder to eliminate shine. I'm happy to report that it didn't break me out! YAY! I was really excited about that. Another deal breaker for me is the scent of the product. Happy to report they all smelled fresh with a faint berry scent. YUM! Now, on to he rest of the review.

The Stratus II Instant Skin Perfector (903)

They have two versions, I got Stratus II. I figured, It complimented my skin tone more. It applies creamy and acts like a primer. After applying this on my skin I immediately understood why they chose the company name. The product literally "vaporizes" into your skin leaving it seamless of pores and fine lines. I was sold! I waited for a few minutes to let it settle and dry a bit, then on with the with the foundation.

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

I applied it on top of Instant Skin Perfector and my acne scars were almost diminished. I still had to spot treat a few acne scrs with concealer but, not as much. I love the way it moves with your skin. It wasn't cake-y or heavy at all. I thought that choosing the right shade for me would be a challenge online - not with this one. I'd say it was true to my shade. You can see that for yourself. Now for a little pop of color!

Aura multi use TORCH (203)

Berry -scented and applies smoothly. You can apply this on your cheeks, lids, and lips. I loved this immediately because it saved me some cash. Who wouldn't want that? This color comes off sheer, like a natural flush you get from working out. It a universal color which would compliment various skin tones. Now, to add glamour and shine...

Elixir Plumping Gloss VIVID (308)

Talk about va-va-voom with VIVID! It gave mega-watt shine without the sticky side effect of most lip glosses out in the market. It applied silky with tiny specks of gold. On the left-side of the picture is VIVID alone and on the right is Aura multi use TORCH and VIVID on top. LOVE!

Now the finish product..

I dusted my face with Bare Minerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil to help absorb some of the oil from my skin and two coats of mascara from Physician's Formula's organic wear line. I pulled my hair up to showcase skin. You can see the color on the cheek and and the lip gloss just...pop! Definitely a must have to include in your makeup arsenal.

Until next time,

Love, smiles and barely there makeup


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You're absolutely glowing, beautiful Nancy♥ Fab review--everything looks amazing; especially the lipgloss! xo

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