Product Review: Tsi-La Organics

TSI-LA organics have been one of the more popular organic perfumes out in the market for some time now, with a celebrity following such as multi-award winning artist, Florence Welch (Florence And The Machine), supermodel Bridget Hall, and Grammy award winning artist, Nelly Furtado.

This will be the third edition from my perfume series. If you missed the second, please click here

Taken directly from their site:

Classically trained aromatherapists, botanical formulators, and organic advocates Natalie Szapowalo and model Annie Morton founded Tsi~La Organics with the goal of offering pure and natural perfumes and skincare products that benefit your overall well-being. 

With 40 years of combined experience in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as extensive studies in natural health sciences and aromatherapy , Natalie and Annie created their "Green Luxury" Tsi~La product line as a healthy alternative to a predominately synthetic market.

I've decided to try these babies out by purchasing the sample kit which would include 8 organic perfume samples for $20.00 and additional samples (not included in the kit) for $3.00. While the front packaging showed lush greenery, I thought it had a vintage feel (it reminded me of the "Madmen" aesthetic. Love that show!) with nature prints reminiscent of the mid-50's early 60's decor.The paper is soft yet sturdy enough to hold five sample vials of organic perfumes. 

Check it out.

FLEUR SAUVAGE  = A floral- fruity scent tempered with a bit of warmth from the smooth, woody sandalwood and creamy vanilla. Dried down a mild jasmine aroma. 

KIZES = Tuberose and Elderberry gave off a scent to be enjoyed by both male and female. They've labeled this scent as a unisex perfume.

ILANG ILANG - Ilang-Ilang and Tuberose are both highly fragrant and exotic scent. But when combined with vanilla, this perfume gave off a very delicate scent.

FIORI D' ARANCIO =  Sweet and citrusy blend from the caramelized vanilla, and various citrus scents. 

KESU = that mix of amber and exotic spices lends itself a spicy oriental based scent. Another unisex perfume.

SAQUI = Gave off a light, spicy mix. Dries down as a citrusy, nutmeg scent.

MISAKI = So far, this is the only alcohol based perfume in this collection. It gave off a mild scent of lavender bergamon and green tea moss. Refreshing and light, but the scent faded very quickly.

My favorite MIX and MATCH:

FLEUR SAUVAGE + FIORI D' ARANCIO  - WOW! My favorite fragrance combination from this collection. These items are great as stand alone scents but when combined, POW! It smells of sugary, vanilla icing that dries down to a lovely citrusy, warm, floral scent. Delicious!

KESU + FLEUR SAUVAGE = A gorgeous blend of sweet and spicy. It's a combination of a spicy,  musky (reminds me of L'Occitane Ambre) combined with a floral warm scent. It's bold yet alluring scent perfect for day or night.

ILANG ILANG - like Fiori D' Arancio, this scent combines well with everything. It wears great alone and mixes with the other scents.

SAQUI + ILANG ILANG = Gave off mild, spicy, floral scent. I'd wear this for a day out window shopping or a fun day hanging out with the ladies.

I've chosen three favorites from this collection. They all had their own very distinctive smell but, I have to say that I'm a HUGE fan of both FLEUR SAUVAGE + FIORI D' ARANCIO to wear alone or in combination. Ilang-Ilang came in a very close third. 

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for more lush, organic, non-toxic, perfumes to be posted soon.

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