Product Review: Conscious Box

Product Review: November Conscious Box

When a group of 20-something long-time friends (Jameson Morris, 23, Jessie Richardson, 21, and Bjorn Borstleman, 23) decided  partner up  to help raise  social responsibility, sustainability, and conserving the environment as a part of their business strategy, you take notice.  You take notice of the fact that a.) They're driven and determined in their EARLY twenties and b.) They understand the significance of small businesses where quality and efficiency to be much higher. 

Enter, Conscious Box.

Although they would periodically partner with major league businesses, majority of the contents in Conscious Box highlight mom and pop operations whose products are not typically seen or readily available in grocery stores. Conscious Box is dedicated to introduce these smaller (often better) companies to the marketplace. 

Taken directly from their site:

     Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service focusing on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. You’ll receive one Conscious Box
     per month, and you can choose the plan that works best for you (with some serious savings along the way!) Get a variety of unique pure & natural products every month From organic food to vegan beauty products, you’re sure to find new favorites Discover ethical and purpose-driven businesses of all sizes Get content on daily living tips, exciting monthly themes, and creative ways to use your box.

As they sent their first subscription boxes out to several homes across the country this month, I thought it was cool to be a part of their debut packages .

Personally, I love trying out new things. And if they are organic, natural, and sustainable -  the better. It's always fun to try out and discover new finds that are not only kind to your body but kind to the planet. So, enough talking...I'm excited to try them out! h!

* Some items are organic and a few are natural products. I posted pictures of the the ingredients list in order for you to make a conscious decision as to which products works best for you. Enjoy! :)

Love the fact that they encourage readers to recycle.   :)

Items I enjoyed:

Bodacious Banana Bread Walnutz ~Sweet Raw Food Nuts - It was hearty and crunchy, PLUS it has live enzymes which improves the immune system and digestive regularity. Enzyme support is important during the winter months. If your not a fan of yogurt,(for all my friends out there with weird "texture" issues) then...have one of these. 

Mary's Gone Cracker's Chocolate Chip -  It has just the right amount of crunch, chewy and sweet chocolate goodness. Yum!

Funky Monkey Pink Pineapple snack - Brass monkey - that funky monkey! Beastie Boys RULE! haha! But there was nothing brassy or junkie about this Funky Monkey. It was a fruity, crunchy, light snack that would satisfy your 3pm carb cravings. Cool enough to try, but on the fence with the flavor. Maybe if it were a  different flavor...? 

KIND Almond & Coconut snack bar - My favorite item in this box! My gold star snack! I was looking or another snack bar to alternate with my Pure Bars and I've found it! It had the right amount sweetness from the honey, crunchy from the almonds and coconut chewiness. Great way to satisfy your sweet tooth that's filled with protein and fiber. Score!

So, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my Conscious Box review. 

Until next time, 

Laugh, Love, Live Positive

Events: Brush set contest

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Thank you and have an awesome day!!!  xox

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored event. 

Inspiration: Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Give Thanks for the chance to share your story; someone will be inspired by your journey.

Give Thanks for the times you've been burnt out and overworked. That means you've created something of value and significance.

Give Thanks for days where sleep was optional. Passion, creativity and drive will always yield positive results.

Give Thanks for days that are challenging, for those challenges will sharpen your will to succeed.

Give Thanks for the folks who are critical and detracting. They will remind you that people who scrutinize and judge DO NOT define you. They define themselves as judgmental and scrutinizing.

Give Thanks to those who open their hearts and homes to you, for there might be a time where they will need you to do the same for them.

Give Thanks to your mentors, coaches, advisors and teachers who have helped you take your passion to the next level. Once you excel, it would behoove you to pay it forward.

Give Thanks to all the blessings given to you. It attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.

Give Thanks to your family and friends, for they have given you the gift of love and compassion.

This Thanksgiving...

I am thankful

I am grateful.

To you all.

Product Review: Bubble & Bee Body Butter

Mission: To find an organic, non-toxic body butter for the winter months

Merchandise: Bubble&Bee 100% Organic Body Butta (like buttah baby!)

The first time I heard about this line of organic products was from my fellow blogger and wellness friend, The Glamorganic Goddess. She's been an avid fan and speaks very highly of Bubble&Bee products in general but, she's been particularly expressing a lot of love with how well the body butters work. That peaked my interest to the point where I had to find out. So, I picked up a few items and decided to try them out for myself.  

Here are my thoughts.

First thing I noticed - the PACKAGING! I am such a sucker for pretty packaging. Just look at it!  I love the quirky fonts, color scheme, and the bee mascot. You see, I've purchased several items that unfortunately, apart from the sparkly wrappers and cute containers, fell short of performing well. 

But this time, I had a feeling that I'll be enjoying what was inside this big tub o' love. 

I was right. 

Ingredient list for Raspberry&Vanilla 

Product certifications

Ingredient list for Sugar & Spice

Bird's eye view ;)

Second thing I noticed, was the SCENT. Okay, if you follow my blog, you'll know that I have a big thing for vanilla, lavender, Egyptian/China musky scents. And lemme tell yah, this product did not disappoint. The first thing that came out of my mouth the minute I opened it was... "mmmmm...This smells yummy!"

The Raspberry&Vanilla smelled like a vanilla mixed berry smoothie and the Sugar&Spice smelled like vanilla covered ginger snaps. They smelled so delicious that I was seriously thinking of having a quick lick at it! haha! 

So, just to give you an idea of how wonderful these products smelled, I left one of these open (I forgot which one) whilst taking a hot shower. By the time I stepped out of the shower, the steam from the butters (I mean BUTTA) somehow activated the scent and the room smelled like someone had been baking cookies in the bathroom! hahaha! I have the Raspberry&Vanilla in the bathroom and the Sugar&Spice scent in the kitchen. I'm glad I got two separate scents. :)

Third and last thing I noticed was the TEXTURE and consistency. As you can see, the body butters looked like...well.. buttah! (I had to say it! heehee!) It had a fluffy, whipped-up, mousse-like consistency and the texture was a bit in the creamy side. It does have a tendency to have an oily payoff so keep in mind that a tad bit of this product will go a long way. 

Two things to keep in mind when using this product: 

  • Play with the amount of product to use that'll work for you.

Start small. Once the butta (Love saying' it haha!) is emulsified on your hands, you'll see that you'll have more product than what you've started with.

  • Give it time to absorb into your body. 

If you were to glance at the first two ingredients listed, it shows shea butter and coconut oil - two of the most fatty, salve-like natural moisturizers in the market. If you use less, the body absorbs it a lot faster. But if you decided that you wanted to heat up a batch, pour it in the tub and swim in it (I don't recommend doing this by the way - your tub will be slippery for months. And oh yeah, possible third degree burns) or slather on a bit more product, give it a few minutes (usually 2-5 minutes) to allow the body to ingest the stuff. I promise you, good things comes to those who wait. Your skin will be grateful to you all winter. :)

So there you go. I hoped you enjoyed my review and until next time....

Laugh, Love, Live Positive

Adventures: O2B2 Tour San Jose

O2B2 Tour San Jose

Taken directly from the site:

WHAT is O2B2?

Out Of the Beauty Box (O2B2) is collaborative effort by Koren Zander of EnKore Makeup and Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz to bring makeup application education across the nation & beyond. This tour focuses on application techniques to guarantee correct and accurate execution in makeup application with ease. Each class is a 4-hour (or more) intensive, in a Hands-On Training environment.

A full kit exclusively designed for each class, is included with the fee, and the PRO classes are certification classes with an impressive list of benefits & perks.

In order to keep current with the skills demanded of my trade, I always make it a point to  attend as many tradeshows, seminars, and makeup classes to help support and hone my abilities as a makeup artist.

Koren's extensive knowledge of makeup, breakdown of cosmetic ingredients, types of pigments, various application techniques, and creative flair in front camera had me in awe of his artistry since I started watching him on YouTube. Elessa is another very popular YouTube beauty guru who encourages her followers to be inventive with their makeup, be bold with creating looks on a dime and by motivating her viewers to always have fun  with makeup.

Combine these two forces together in a highly creative space, then you have the makings of an exceptional class.

I took the Pro-Traditional Bridal class. It is a pro-certified course which provides you the benefits & perks of a makeup artist after completing the program. You can view the benefits by clicking here.

Pretty impressive huh?

Although a makeup kit was included in the program, I opted out of it and decided to use my own particular makeup kit instead. Fortunately, they were a receptive and progressive team of professionals who understood why I needed to stand by my kit. Almost immediately after I raised my concern, without hesitation - they agreed to my request.

After that display of impartiality and accommodating attitude, I was quickly sold in taking the class.

The class was informative as it was entertaining. It was completely hands-on which compels you to engage in class. They were breaking-down each step and application. Then after each module, they would ask us if we had any questions or if they needed to clarify a step. It was light-hearted and educational at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better program. 

If you have thoughts of starting freelance work as a makeup artist, I would highly recommend signing up for the O2B2 program. Keep checking their site for the next round of classes scheduled for 2012.

The day in pictures:

Koren showing us how to properly contour and highlight.

How to color correct properly based on color theory.

Elessa at work, showing us how to enhance the eyes.

Those bracelets are FIERCE Elessa!

The fetching Elessa and I after winning my bow. Rightly so!

My model and dear friend, Rocelia. Before. :)

and After.

Hello gorgeous!

Koren and his mom. "Koren! i-stap useng my lip-istik!" LOVE HER!

Me and Koren's adorable mommy. Funny, as we were chatting the afternoon away, I found that we were both from the same city in the Philippines. Oh how small the world truly is. haha!

And now for the best part...

Thank you dear reader for your continued support. And as a token of my appreciation....

 I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY


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What your seeing dear readers, is Koren's new and improved makeup brush set that have been SOLD OUT for the second time! I used these brushes during class and lemme tell yah, they are AWESOME

They're portable, super soft and did not shed when I washed them. 

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Don't fret! It's easy!

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