Inspiration: Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Give Thanks for the chance to share your story; someone will be inspired by your journey.

Give Thanks for the times you've been burnt out and overworked. That means you've created something of value and significance.

Give Thanks for days where sleep was optional. Passion, creativity and drive will always yield positive results.

Give Thanks for days that are challenging, for those challenges will sharpen your will to succeed.

Give Thanks for the folks who are critical and detracting. They will remind you that people who scrutinize and judge DO NOT define you. They define themselves as judgmental and scrutinizing.

Give Thanks to those who open their hearts and homes to you, for there might be a time where they will need you to do the same for them.

Give Thanks to your mentors, coaches, advisors and teachers who have helped you take your passion to the next level. Once you excel, it would behoove you to pay it forward.

Give Thanks to all the blessings given to you. It attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.

Give Thanks to your family and friends, for they have given you the gift of love and compassion.

This Thanksgiving...

I am thankful

I am grateful.

To you all.


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