Adventures: O2B2 Tour San Jose

O2B2 Tour San Jose

Taken directly from the site:

WHAT is O2B2?

Out Of the Beauty Box (O2B2) is collaborative effort by Koren Zander of EnKore Makeup and Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz to bring makeup application education across the nation & beyond. This tour focuses on application techniques to guarantee correct and accurate execution in makeup application with ease. Each class is a 4-hour (or more) intensive, in a Hands-On Training environment.

A full kit exclusively designed for each class, is included with the fee, and the PRO classes are certification classes with an impressive list of benefits & perks.

In order to keep current with the skills demanded of my trade, I always make it a point to  attend as many tradeshows, seminars, and makeup classes to help support and hone my abilities as a makeup artist.

Koren's extensive knowledge of makeup, breakdown of cosmetic ingredients, types of pigments, various application techniques, and creative flair in front camera had me in awe of his artistry since I started watching him on YouTube. Elessa is another very popular YouTube beauty guru who encourages her followers to be inventive with their makeup, be bold with creating looks on a dime and by motivating her viewers to always have fun  with makeup.

Combine these two forces together in a highly creative space, then you have the makings of an exceptional class.

I took the Pro-Traditional Bridal class. It is a pro-certified course which provides you the benefits & perks of a makeup artist after completing the program. You can view the benefits by clicking here.

Pretty impressive huh?

Although a makeup kit was included in the program, I opted out of it and decided to use my own particular makeup kit instead. Fortunately, they were a receptive and progressive team of professionals who understood why I needed to stand by my kit. Almost immediately after I raised my concern, without hesitation - they agreed to my request.

After that display of impartiality and accommodating attitude, I was quickly sold in taking the class.

The class was informative as it was entertaining. It was completely hands-on which compels you to engage in class. They were breaking-down each step and application. Then after each module, they would ask us if we had any questions or if they needed to clarify a step. It was light-hearted and educational at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better program. 

If you have thoughts of starting freelance work as a makeup artist, I would highly recommend signing up for the O2B2 program. Keep checking their site for the next round of classes scheduled for 2012.

The day in pictures:

Koren showing us how to properly contour and highlight.

How to color correct properly based on color theory.

Elessa at work, showing us how to enhance the eyes.

Those bracelets are FIERCE Elessa!

The fetching Elessa and I after winning my bow. Rightly so!

My model and dear friend, Rocelia. Before. :)

and After.

Hello gorgeous!

Koren and his mom. "Koren! i-stap useng my lip-istik!" LOVE HER!

Me and Koren's adorable mommy. Funny, as we were chatting the afternoon away, I found that we were both from the same city in the Philippines. Oh how small the world truly is. haha!

And now for the best part...

Thank you dear reader for your continued support. And as a token of my appreciation....

 I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY


And in the spirit of O2B2, I'll be giving away this....

What your seeing dear readers, is Koren's new and improved makeup brush set that have been SOLD OUT for the second time! I used these brushes during class and lemme tell yah, they are AWESOME

They're portable, super soft and did not shed when I washed them. 

 Now YOU can have this lovely brush set by entering my 

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You might ask..." But Nancy, how can I enter your fabulous giveaway??"

Don't fret! It's easy!

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Saturday, 11/26/11



makeupaddict101 said...

What a lovely giveaway! Thanks Nancy you are the best!!!! And I wish I would have gone to this event. i live in the same town and didn't know about it :(

Nancy Del Carmen-Cox said...

You're welcome Rey! Now that I know that you're in SJ, I'll definitely call you so we can hang out. <3 xox

Rocelia said...

Such a fun day Nancy!! Great post xoxo

Nancy Del Carmen-Cox said...

Thank you Ro! :) Thanks for being my model @ such short notice. haha! Good times indeed! xox

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