Events/Adventures: Glaminar/IMATS/Serendipity..

Better late than never ...right?

Well, here it is! My take on the Glaminars/IMATS Summer of 2010.

When: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Mood: Esctatic!
Soundtract in my head: Flight of the bumblebee


Ah, the Glaminars. I can only recall that day with fond memories of hugs, laughter, cupcakes and makeup. If you want to know more about makeup and igniting your dreams on fire, I would highly recommend taking this seminar. This event was facilitated by none other than the uber lovely and talented, Kandee Johnson. We learned so much about the business of makeup from the technical aspect of applying the products, to the business of marketing yourself. I was only able to attend the morning class, and I received a wealth of information. I was voraciously writing what ended up a total of three pages of notes. I didn't want to leave out a single bit of information that may benefit me later on. I was in some kind of an altered-state automatic writing mode. Pure adrenaline - I was en fuego! Before I knew it - lunch break. I had a few hours to meet up with the girls and do a little shopping. YES!

I made every attempt to utilize my day as efficiently as possible. Time was a-tickin'. I had made my way to the IMATS in that afternoon. Then, after the afternoon session ended at the Glaminars, Kandee had a meet and greet. I thought.."Oh joy, I am time management queen!" So far, it was all working out nicely.

Meanwhile, right next door....


“Ladies and gentlemen…children of all ages..step right up to the greatest show on earth!”

That afternoon marked my very first IMATS experience. The minute I stepped into the Pasadena Convention Center,(which was conveniently located adjacent to the Sheraton Pasadena) the scene conjured up visions of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey. I felt like a child at the circus watching exotic animals at play! Sweets of all kinds were everywhere! Except, the exotic animals were actually models airbrushed and transformed into fantastic characters and the various "sweets" were really cosmetics. I met with my sister, niece and mom. We shopped like mad women, giggled, took pictures. Translation, we had girlie time. My plan at the IMATS was to shop, hang out and somehow meet Koren from Enkoremakeup. Not exactly sure how or where, but I WILL cross paths with him at the IMATS.

Serendipity -

And willed it, I did..

No more than a few minutes later.."Hey auntie Nancy", my niece called out, "Isn't he that Koren guy?" I looked up and 'lo and behold, Koren! I rushed to him like a gushing groupie, quickly introduced myself and chatted away. Believe me when I tell you that he was open-hearted, down-to-earth and very quick to offer a smile. We chatted for a bit about makeup and our common heritage. In a nutshell, I was jazzed! Later that afternoon, I took his class and learned so much about mineral makeup, which is the type of makeup I use. I will share those tips and tricks on my next blog.

Time flew by so quickly that before I knew it, it was time to go back to the Sheraton for Kandee's meet and greet.

Made a mad dash back to the Sheraton with a grin on my face so wide, it hurt. I met the folks that I wanted to meet. All was good in the world. I checked my phone - battery was low. No worries! I'm cool..I'll just turn off the phone until Kandee shows up. I got this..this was too easy! Ain't no way this phone was gonna rain on my parade. Nah-ah, no siree! So, I passed the time in the cool air-conditioned lobby of the hotel and chatted away with a few folks. Finally, Kandee came out.

It was sheer pandemonium! Ladies everywhere - laughing, hugging, crying. Cameras flashing, business cards flying, introductions to each other, pens coming out of purses to write numers down on pieces of paper, random chatter. It was a bonifide gathering in the lobby! In other words, it was a typical display of any random get-together at my house. Sweet!

I was having such a deliriously wonderful time when...

My phone died. And I don't have a camera. The camera in my phone was the only way I can immortalize this amazing event. Uhm, not exactly what I planned. Argh!

Serendipity -

Enter divine intervention. I don't remember exactly how or when all of this came about, but this pretty, kind-faced, blonde-haired lady with her mother strikes up a conversartion with me. Everyone was so open and receptive to reaching out, discovering a common denominator to what brought us to the event. But for some reason, this pretty, kind-faced blonde-haired lady with her mother and myself took a liking towards each other.

"By the way...My name is Nancy Cox." to which she replied, "Nice to meet you, my name is Brittnie Woods." We smiled and chatted for over an hour and a half about...everything! Music, trips, marriage, boys, etc. I asked to use her mother's cell phone to call my husband (who was still at home in Northern Cali) to call my brother in L.A. to pick me up in Pasadena (hot mess, haha!). Brittnie and her mom were super generous and kept asking if I was gonna be okay. They were genuinely concerned (aawww). So, I assured them I would be fine.

"I can always ask the front desk to use their phone" I said. They waited with me for another half an hour then we hugged and happily parted ways. Brittnie and her mom were absolute angels! At around 7:00pm, my sweet brother arrives to pick me up.

"Have you eaten?" my brother asked. "You know what? with the exception of a cup of coffee and a yummy red velvet cupcake this morning, I hadn't eaten anything at all!" I was so consumed by the day's activites that I didn't even think to eat.

Hhhmmm...there's a burgeoning weight loss program from that statement somewhere...

As I left the event, I thought to myself... not a bad way for a gal to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. And lemme tell ya, beautiful it certainly was... Y

Product Review:

A very brief product review. Listed below are various products from the Glaminars and IMATS. I'll be doing several looks with the products received from these events. Items discribed are from left to right:

  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Yeyo- Shimmery, silvery white. Goes on smoothly. let it dry for a minute or two and it's smudge proof
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide on lip pencil in Gash - Cranberry. Goes on smoothly. let it dry for a minute or two and it's smudge proof.
  • Glaminar giveaways and IMATS products
  • Urban Decay nail polish Fbomb - wine colored polish. Flattering shade for all skin tones.

  • Beauty So Clean - Conditioning Brush Cleanser

  • Beauty Blender pack with Beauty Blender cleanser
  • Urban Decay cream to powder foundation

  • Urban Decay Free Love - shimmery peach eyeshadow.

  • NYX auto eye pencil in black - Buildable black - glides on creamy and smooth.
  • Rodal & Langnickel 12-piece proffesional brush set - Natural bristles except for three brushes (foundation, concealer, flat eyeliner brush) amazingly SOFT bristles, average/medium length handles, soft yet sturdy pebble leather brush wrap
  • Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish - made with real diamonds! Gives face an airbrushed finish without shimmer. Melts into olive/dark skin tones. Does not leave a mask or cake-y like finish. LOVE this stuff!
  • Glaminar NYX giveaway! (Thanks again, Kandee!)
  • Color swatch for NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Color payoff is intense. Apply sparingly to oily/acne prone skin. Err on the safe side - may cause break outs.
  • NYX mega shine lip gloss in Candy Shop - shimmery peachy, pink gloss. High wearability factor for all skin tones.
  • NYX white/gray/black eyeshadow - Color payoff is intense. Highly pigmented.
  • NYX lip gloss swatch
  • NYX pigment in Chrome - gold, bronzy pigment. High wearability factor for all skin tones.
  • NYX pigment in Chrome - swatch (left - matte; right - foiled)

So, have you come across a moment of serendipity lately? Let me know below ; )

Thank you for stopping by and hope you read this in good health.

Peace, Love and Serendipity : )


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