Product Review: A Perfume Organic

Ever wonder why a whiff of someone's perfume immediately places you in world of migraines, dizzines, sinus inflammation, or a series of head-shattering sneeze attacks that almost feels like your head is about to explode? 

If you're raising your hand like I am, I can feel your pain :(

Come to find out, about 90% or more of the chemicals in synthetic fragrance are derived from petrochemicals,causing an adverse reaction to most consumers with a sensitivity to conventional perfumes.

Now, I can easily make this post about the dangerous cocktail of undisclosed ingredients swimming inside alluringly shaped bottles of perfume. But I won't.

However, if you're interested about how the federal law allows a special loophole for trade secrets, permitting popular perfumes to hold an alarming amount of harmful DNA-affecting, eye and skin-irritating,  headache-inducing chemicals masked as  ”fragrances”, you can read through a few articles by clicking here, here, here, here  and oh! this one too.

My favorite scents were perfumes by Hanae Mori (Butterfly), Chanel (Bois des îles), and L'Artisan Parfumeur (L' Été en Douce). So, laying them to rest was a battle for me.

Ugh! This was a toughie, but I had to make a choice.

The goal is to minimize (asking to completely eliminate would be a bit more of a challenge in my book) the amount of toxic overload in the body. So, after much deliberation, I've decided to let go of the scents I was familiar with in exchange for cleaner but exciting new fragrances. :)

With that said, I've conducted my own search for my new "signature scent" by testing several brands of natural/organic fragrances.

First one up is from a company based in New York named
A Perfume Organic

Taken directly from their site:

While studying with Master Perfumers and Distillers, Amanda Walker (founder and owner)  was reminded perfume was originally produced from flowers, fruit, herbs and spices. As chemicals are a cheaper alternative today, most perfumes are now formulated entirely with chemicals. Amanda only wanted to use the finest, rarest, safest, and purest ingredients from plants…she decided to launch
 A Perfume Organic!

A Perfume Organic offers exquisitely crafted perfumes blended from the finest USDA certified organic botanicals, hand-poured locally in Manhattan in small batches to maintain purity.

Bottle type: 
$65/ 12ml roll-on bottle
Box type: Flower seed-embedded box
Samples: $22/ five 1ml tester vials
Sample Box type: Secured on recycled paper cards, in a muslin bag


mmmm... not your typical vanilla scent. 
It's a bit more smoky, sandalwood, slightly sweet caramel scented vanilla. 
An earthy, sophisticated, grown-up version of my favorite scent.
(reminds me of L'Artisan Parfumeur's Vanille Absolument)

Nice mix of citrus, jasmine and spearmint. 
Perfect to layer with Green or Perfumed Wine (Rose)

A beautiful blend of apples, cinnamon, cloves and berries.
Blends well with Urban Organic or Mejica
This oil mixture reminds me of the holidays :)

Upon contact, I immediately identified the ylang-ylang top note.
 then dried down to a mild woody, powdery scent.
This combines well with Urban Organic or White Magik.

ooo, I REALLY  like this scent, which happens to be their popular item.
I enjoy the mix of lime with a hint of ginger and a touch of vertiver.
 This scent reminds me of a fresh lime or lemon sorbet.
Blends well with all the other oils in this collection. 

Since I'm a big fan of layering scents, I had fun mixing these essential oils to create an entirely new smell. They all blended nicely and felt silky to touch. But if I had to choose a couple to add to my perfume arsenal, I really enjoyed Urban Organic and Perfumes Wine (Rosé). They seem to compliment each other really well and works very well as a stand alone fragrance.

Hope you've enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for a few more fragrance reviews to be posted in the next few days.

Until next time, 

Laugh, Love, Live Sweetly


Amanda Walker said...

Lovely review Nancy, Thank you :)

Jean @ Garden of Beauty said...

Oooh, Mejica sounds awesome.. I'm intrigued! :) I have yet to find a really nice fragrance to wear - Pacifica Perfumes are nice, but I'd like to try more. I just can't afford the really nice ones. :( Looking forward to the upcoming reviews!

Nancy Del Carmen-Cox said...

Thanks Amanda! :) xox

ooo, Mejica is awesome Jean! Five sample vials @ $22 bucks, you can't beat that. I'm so glad I tried them and you should too! Wait 'til you see my Trillium Organics review, ladies. It'll be, uh..very...interesting! :D

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