Product Review: Eco-Emi Box

Product Review: November Eco-Emi Box

Born out of the love for her beloved dog Emilia, Christine (owner and founder) named her company Eco-Emi to honor the memory of her sweet pet Emi, as well as incorporating her campaign to share and deliver Eco-products to everyone's home. Eco-Emi is a monthly sampling service or subscription box filled with natural, organic, vegan, or fair trade products that are mostly travel or sample sizes. 

The idea behind this company is to eliminate the overwhelming and let's face it - expensive guessing game of trying all sorts of  eco-goods, only to be let down by the inefficacy of a particular item.

Here' s a snippet of Eco-Emi's philosophy:

"I have spent many years experimenting with the endless products you see in places like Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, Wild oats, small natural stores and so on. I have been able to sort through the clutter of the good and the bad so that I can send you only what works and what’s worth the splurge."

Eco-Emi does the the footwork for folks who are flirting with the idea of going "green" but unsure of how or where to start. These monthly eco-subscription boxes saves folks time and money and in this economy, I know of a lot of us would appreciate that.

With that said,  let's get it going with November's Eco-Emi box. :)

Informational flyers and coupon codes. I like! :)

Items I enjoyed:

The coupons and special discount flyers - because who wouldn't wanna buy quality items at a discounted price ;)

Deep Steep Foot Cream - oooohh, candy-cane scented lotion for my footsies. A nice treat for my feet - absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I enjoyed the foot cream but, I enjoy my multi-purpose B&B Body Butta more.  To read my Body Butta review, click here.

Hugo Naturals Essential Mist in Vanilla & Sweet Orange - This scent reminds me of BBW's Eucalyptus Spearmint with a touch of Lavender Vanilla...but without the toxins. I know because I used to douse myself in it a few years back. haha! The dry-down was very faint...almost non-existent. Since it is a multi-purpose spray, it now resides in my living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate with cacao nibs and raisins - My honorable mention item! I've just recently been a fan of dark chocolate since Dr. Oz mentioned that chocolate is good (must be 70% or higher) in moderation, I'll have it every now and then. I've found that leaving them in the freezer gives it an extra crunch and takes the edge off the bitterness. But, with Sweet Riot's dark chocolate - freezer time was not needed. It had chocolate nibs and raisins which kept the bitterness at bay. I was thoroughly enjoying each savory and rich chocolate-y bite so much, that when I looked down to take another bite, it was all gone! 

Oh, the tragedy :(

I also love the philosophy behind their company's mission to promote culture, celebrate diversity and foster understanding between nations through the power chocolate. Sweet!

Choco-fact: Studies show that chocolate consumption can increase production of the feel good hormones called seratonin and dopamine. It also produces the chief chemical in your brain called endorphins a.k.a. the Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy state of mind.

So before you find yourself caught in a heated debate about the social injustices of the world, or before you ask your boss for a raise, why not start off with a round of chocolate? Great stategy Sarah! haha! 

To know more about the mastermind and chief rioter Sarah Endline and her band of wonderful rioters, click here

Keeki Pure and Simple - My gold star favorite item! This lip balm gave a silky, shimmery wash of a light berry color that tasted like an Andes Mint. You know, that mint/chocolate candy that restaurants give out after a meal? LOVE!

The first time I've heard of this company was a couple of years back.  I was looking for a gift for one of girlfriends daughter's birthday and came across their line of nail polish. Their products immediately caught my attention because of what?? Yup, you guessed it - the packaging! They are oh sooo adorable looking and toxin-free. I loved that the owners and founders of this company are mommies who created an organic, non-toxic line of fun things for children because there weren't very many available out there at the time. I loved that one of the founders, Natalie Bauss, lives with her family on an organic farm which tells me that she sees and knows first hand what it takes to create clean, non-toxic products. I'm a fan :)

Organic Excellence Wild Mint Shampoo/Conditioner - We've been using these products for a couple of years now, thanks to The Glamorganic Goddess. My husband, son and I have thick, curly, unruly hair. A
fter reading all the toxins clearly displayed in the ingredients list on the back of my old shampoo/conditioner, I desperately needed to switch them out. When I found out that Organic Excellence worked on all types of hair, I was up for the challenge. The first time I used this product, it left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Since it worked like a charm on my hair, I decided to have my boys try them out. 

It's been a few years since and we're still loving them. :)

I'm secretly hoping they'll start making liter sized bottles of this stuff. hmmmm, not a bad idea...

So there you have it! That's all for this weeks bloggy-sode of my "Better Box" review. I hope you can take advantage of my comparison reviews so you can 
  • figure out which subscription box works best for you and your budget
  • consider them as gift ideas 
  • get an introduction to cleaner, non-toxic products  
  • encourage support for small businesses in your community 

Until next time, 

Laugh, Love, Live Positive


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