Product Review: January Conscious Box

Product Review: January Conscious Box

Hello dear readers!

Welcome to my first review post of the New Year! How is everyone doing with their resolutions?

If you plan to introduce a few "green" products in your pantry or make-up bag this year, make it a slow and thoughtful transition. You don't have to buy EVERYTHING all at once. Be mindful of your purchases just as you would be mindful of making a decision concerning your health, selecting what you'd wear for the day or how you would react to a situation. More importantly, make 2012 the year to not only to consciously READ your ingredients, but to actively look up to see what it means to have sodium laurel sulfate in your shampoos, mineral oil/petroleum in your luxurious and expensive face creams or lead in your lipstick. A lot may argue that the toxins contained in these products are minuscule, but if these products are used on a daily basis, the effects are cumulative and can be damaging. 

Here's another chance for you to benefit from my blog. I LOVE talking about healthier, non-toxic alternatives to makeup, food, or anything I feel will contribute to making better choices in what I eat, drink or apply to my skin. Allow me to show you what products are out there to help you make that decision. After all, we are both on this journey together. :)

With that said, I'm truly loving the variety in January's Concious Box!  For December's Conscious box, please click here


Items I enjoyed:

Green Tara Spirulina Crunchies -What is Spirulina you may ask? Spirulina is a plant based fresh-water alga (a form of good bacteria) with an impressive 60% protein content, which knocks both red meat, at 27%, and soy, at 34%, on the ropes in terms of muscle-building potential. Combined with all that protein, are a mix of potent minerals including iron, calcium, and magnesium, as well as most of your vitamins contained in the alphabet. I've always added this in powder form in all my smoothies and shakes, but having these as bite-sized edible snacks is quite a treat! I immediately tasted the coconut, dates and bananas. Deeelish! 

Raw Revolution Spirulina & cashew Raw Rev 100 calorie bar - Another spirulina snack, YES! Tasty and savory with enough protein to help quiet your mid-afternoon hunger pangs. YUM!

thinkThin Crunch  - packed with protein and blueberries that satisfied my sweet tooth.

Eco Dent Daily Care toothpowders - This product had a mild salty taste coupled with the texture similar to powder detergent(I know, some of you may gag at the thought - haha!) but the texture and taste didn't bother me at all. After brushing my teeth with this product - with just one use - I immediately noticed how much brighter and whiter my smile was. I was AMAZED! So, I read the ingredients and found that the first ingredient was baking soda. That explained it all! When I was younger, my mom would tell me that baking soda had several uses. She would use it brighten her laundry whites (which I still do to this day) and as a form of a teeth whitening agent (which I  used to do as a child). This product reminded me of how wonderful and powerful baking soda is, if used consistently. It's non-toxic, efficient and cost effective. I may not re-purchase this product but I'll sure get a lot more use out of my Arm and Hammer baking soda in my fridge. ;)

Kelapo Virgin Coconut oil - As an island girl born and raised in the tropics, my love for anything coconut runs deep. Coconut is ever present and used in many different ways in my household. You name it, I've probably tossed in a spoonful of coconut oil in it. haha!
Although I don't use this particular brand, I still enjoyed it. I was glad to see this product in my box this month.

Golden Earth in Grace - I'm typically not a big fan of heady, rose scented fragrances of anything from candles, to perfumes. But the rose mixed with geranium gave off a lovely, soft and citrusy oil-based scent which made it wearable for everyday. And since fragrances made from ingredients sourced from nature generally don't last as long on the skin as their synthetic counterparts, (i.e. none of the yucky synthetic toxins or  phthalates which could disrupt the body's endocrine system. BEWARE of products that hide behind the word "fragrance" which contains a smorgasbord of harmful toxins.) it gave me the chance to re-apply the same scent that evening or apply an entirely different scent to match my mood. 

I hope you've enjoyed my January's Conscious Box review. Feel free to ask me any questions about the contents of this months box by leaving a comment below. I'd love to hear from you! :)

Until next time,

Laugh, Love, Live Positive


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