Inspiration: New Year, New Fears

As I type this, I hear Oprah in the background talking about her new network appropriately called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). She talks about how certain experiences at this point in her life that continue to provide her with "Aha!" moments. She further discusses her adventures in this new project, which allows her to continue to grow as an individual. She felt a bit nervous of taking on an entire network but expressed that in order to grow as an individual, we have to "step into our fears and walk through it."

The new year can be daunting. The demands we place upon ourselves to loose weight, stop smoking, get organized, get out of debt, get the new "it" tech gadget, or whatever new year's resolution we plan to achieve or obtain successfully. Unless we come from a place of genuine intention to move forward with our resolutions, then our plans are flawed. Often the pressure to accomplish becomes overwhelming to which we riddle our thoughts with self-sabotage. Before you know it we are ruled by anxiety - which will be the collapse of our well-meaning plan to loose weight, stop smoking, etc, etc.

What we fail to realize is by stepping into our fears, we have to be ready for a change. If we step into our fears as a motivator for change, then our chances of a positive outcome will be greater once we commit to facing them.

My opinion? The best way to eradicate fear is educate yourself of whatever it is that creeps you out with an objective point of view.

For instance, if you're anxious to start a new smoking cessation program, read up on the negative impacts smoking does to your body with an impartial mind - no judgements. Treat it like a case study. Once you've faced your fears with the knowledge of the havoc smoking does to your body, read about the positive effects your body goes through once you stop smoking. The commitment to have an open heart coupled with the willingness receive the facts with an open mind is the key to your success.

Next, you have to surround yourself with people to aid you with accomplishing your goal. Oprah has an entire army of producers, assistants, and creative people to help her realize her dreams. Ultimately, she would have the final say with what is presented in her programs. If you plan to join a smoking cessation program (surround yourself with like minded people) which The American Heart Association strongly supports for smokers who are prepared to quit, commit to work at it everyday. Eventually, once you've completed the program the responsibility lies in you to persist to effectively attain your goal.

So with the new year, let's dare to face our fears and grow as individuals. Let's dare ourselves to speak in public, to give a stranger our most winning smile, to start a blog, to introduce yourself at a party, to start a business, to learn a new skill and a slew of other fears that no longer serve us.

We need to begin the year with positivity, gratitude, hope and an open heart ready to shame the face of fear and purge out hearts from False Emotions Appearing Real.

Laugh, Love, Live Positive


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